Monday, November 5, 2012

In Your Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me.  I have read several books regarding dreams & their interpretations.  I have also been known to fire up my computer search engines after being wakened from slumber by particularly disturbing dreams; searching for their meaning.
My dreams are usually quite vivid.  Yes, I dream in color.  Yes, I have recurrent dreams.  Yes, I dream about people from my past.  Yes, I have dreamed about things before they happened.  No, I still don't know what any of it means. 
I think it's all what you make of it.  It's a bit like the bible or religion--everyone interprets them the way they apply to their own particular circumstance in life. 
Last week, I had the opportunity to correspond with my childhood best friend, Kelli.  It was her birthday, so I sent her an email expressing my best wishes.  You see, I had a dream about her a couple of nights before her birthday.  I chalked it up to it being my subconscious's way of reminding me not to forget her special day.  I didn't mention this to her in my first email.  However, when she responded, she told me that she had dreamed about me recently, as well. 
Hmmm...funny...wonder if our dreams about each other occurred on the same night?  I wrote back to her and told her about my dream.  The experience did give me cause to wonder if somehow, we are connected to each other in our dream worlds.  In fact, there have been several occasions when my friends and sisters and I have dreamed about each other on the same nights. 
In this particular dream I had about her, I dreamed we were redecorating a house in New Home together.  I dream about running around in New Home a lot.  (Now, you don't have to go too far out on a limb to interpret that scenario...I simply revisit a very happy time in my past.)  Kelli & I were making the decisions regarding paint colors, carpet, tile, etc.  Our friend, Shannon, was being quite bossy and telling us we were going about it all wrong,  One of my favorite parts of the dream was about my friend, Gina, who we lost this past year to cancer.  In my dream, she was there...laughing at all of us and telling Shannon to quit being so bossy.  Shannon's sister, Debi, just kept crossing her arms, sighing, and rolling her eyes at all of us.  For anyone who personally knows the 5 of us, my dream was probably a fairly indicative simile of our personalities.  The irony Kelli's dream, she dreamt I had told her she was a hoarder.
Once again, I was left wondering what it all means and does it have any influence or cause in our waking hours.  Perhaps it is a way for us to connect to the people who mean the most to us.  It's comforting to think that we magically travel the gossamer webs of our dreams to visit one another from time to time.  But then again, I dream about my long-lost past "luvahs" from time to time.  So that probably blows my theory out of the water.  Especially since most of those dreams involve me brandishing & unloading sawed-off double barrel shotguns.  (Insert wicked hysterically laughing demonic emoticon here).  Hmmm...wonder if, when, & how I invade their restful slumber.  That's a nice thought with which to end this stream of consciousness.  See you in our dreams!